Weitere Sessions möglich: "Migrations concepts for..."

Die folgenden zwei Vorträge wird Thorsten Rinne im Rahmen der PHP Unconference anbieten.

Migration concepts for Enterprise PHP applications
This session will talk about the concepts of the migration of PHP 4 and MySQL 4 based Enterprise Intranet applications to PHP 5.2 / 5.3 and MySQL 5. The business critical applications are running in the 9th biggest bank in the world and used by thousends of users. The talk will give some detailed informations about how you can smoothly migrate your applications.

Stateless SOAP Webservices with PHP and Java
This short talk will introduce how you can develop stateless SOAP web services with Java and PHP. The SOAP server is powered by Apache Axis2 and the SOAP client is built with PHP 5.2. This solution is used in a real world application.

Darüber hinaus ist Thorsten auch zu weiteren bzw. anderen Vorträgen bereit. Wir sind gespannt, wohin uns die Session-Suche führen wird....

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