The five Ws

What? When? Where? Why? Who?

All the information you need in one spot.

What to expect:


All participants are encouraged to submit contributions and interests. Everything is welcome from Workshops, Discussions to good, old talks.
Or maybe you want to know more about a specific? Then you can submit an interest and maybe somebody can make a spontaneous talk.

On the days of the conference all contributions and interests will be written on a sheet of paper like the one you see on the right and pinned to a board for voting.


On each day the first point on the agenda will be the voting. With your badge you receive stickers you can put on the contributions you want to happen that day.

After voting we will hurry to work out a schedule and distribute the events to the available four rooms. 


Read more about the unconference here: What is an Unconference


The 10. PHP Unconference 2016 is organised by

BOOT - Best Of Open Technologies e.V.


FSR Informatik der Universität Hamburg