Vortrag: CouchDB for Web Developers in Hamburg

Damit die Zeit bis zur nächsten Unconference nicht zu lang wird, möchten wir Euch zu folgendem Vortrag einladen:

Was: “CouchDB for Web Developers”.

Wer: Jan Lehnardt ( http://jan.prima.de ) ist CouchDB Core Entwickler

Wann: Donnerstag 25. September 2008 19:00 Uhr

Wo: Beasts Associated - Troplowitzstrasse 7 - 22529 Hamburg -

Jan Lehnardt: When I first discovered CouchDB ( http://incubator.apache.org/couchdb ) I thought to myself: “This will solve a lot of my everyday problems”. I was doing web development at the time (I still do) and CouchDB’s features sounded like magic. Only that they actually do exist; and they work like a charm.

CouchDB is very easy to learn, with one caveat: If you are deep into relational databases, you might have a hard time imagining that doing things “The CouchDB Way” is actually a good idea. Getting out of this state mainly involves ignoring and forgetting what you learned about RDBMSs and start to focus more on the pure data-storage aspect.

In this talk I’ll give you an idea about why you would want to use CouchDB for your next web application and I will try to shift your thinking about data storage from the relational- to a more natural data behaviour model. I’ll also show you how to use CouchDB with your favourite development platform. If you are quick, you might walk out with a first app by the end of Webmontag.

Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch, je nach Audienz

Anmeldung: Keine, aber eine kurze Mitteilung via Kontaktformular, wer kommt ist für die Planung sehr hilfreich

Fragen: http://www.coolscreen.de/kontakt

Unkostenbeitrag: 5,- Euro

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